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In Orlando, there is so much to do for kids and adults it can seem overwhelming. You could spend weeks at a time here, and still not experience everything Orlando has to offer. Walt Disney World® Resort, and other attractions make Orlando the place for the perfect family vacation.

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Below are 10 tips to help you have have fun with your family.

1. Pick your time of year with care. You need to balance three main factors: crowds, heat, park schedules. Don't overlook the importance of park closing times!

2. Pick your park according to extra Magic Hour. Every morning, one of the four theme parks opens early for resort guests only. Either rush to that park like a racehorse out of the gate, or avoid it completely for most of the day.

3. Get to the Parks early. This advice is especially important for Disney's water parks (which are packed by noon) and Animal Kingdom (which closes early.) In the Magic Kingdom, Main Street opens early so people can have breakfast at Crystal Palace and Cinderella's Royal Table. Arrive early, and you can race to Splash Mountain as soon as the park officially opens.

4. Take a break in the afternoon. Go early to the park of your choice; take a break and return to your resort or hotel when the day is hottest; return to the Disney parks in the evening. Three theme parks have lots to offer after dusk.

5. Use Fastpass. Fastpass compares favorably to sliced bread as a great invention. It's free, it's simple, and it saves you from standing in line for the most popular rides. Get the most out of Fastpasses. Fastpass is a godsend, for families visiting Walt Disney World; no wonder other theme parks have added their own systems, to help visitors sidestep long line-ups for popular rides.

How Fastpass works
Head to your favorite attraction, which is probably everybody else's favorite attraction, too: Space Mountain, for instance. At the entrance to the ride, you'll see two signs: "Standby Entrance: 30 minutes"; and "Fastpass Return time: 1 p.m." "Standby Entrance" simple means ordinary stand-in-line entrance.

Look at your watch: it's 12:05. You now have a choice: stand in the line-up for "Standby Entrance", and you'll probably enjoy the ride within 30 minutes or less (--the standby time estimates are always high-end estimates.) Or get a Fastpass: insert your park entrance pass into a dispenser machine, and a little ticket pops out.

6. Bring snacks and drinks. These tips can save you money on hot and humid Florida days when your kids need to drink liquids all day long.

7. Eat for value and fun. Food is expensive at Walt Disney World, no question. You can scout some bargains, but sometimes spending more on a full buffet is a better option-- and more fun, if Pooh Bear or Cinderella is in attendance. A giant late breakfast buffet can serve as lunch; a giant late lunch can fuel the family right through dinner hour. Also: some a la carte restaurants specialize in fun themes, and these can be good choices, too.

8. Use priority seating for restaurant meals. It's easy, it's free, and for 99% of Disney World restaurants it entails no commitment -- yet you get seated quickly instead of waiting in line.

9. Use Disney Transportation System. Every hour of the day, and well into the night, blessedly cool Disney buses ferry people free from one park to another and to and from the Disney resorts.

10. Keep Cool. How, on a hot and humid day? By using cool clothes, cool shoes, and cool-down gadgets... and by visiting the water parks.

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