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Passports and Original Birth Certificate

Where to get a Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate
This will give you the office, where you can get a valid copy of your original birth certificate, for the state you were born in.

Help with a Passport or Visa for countries that require it
If you need a passport quickly, check out this link.

U.S. Passport Service
This link will tell you what you need to do and download the Application Form.

Passport Offices in Your City
This link will tell you where to take your completed Passport Application Form to process it.

Need a Vaccine for a foreign Country?
Find out here!                              

Travel Advisories
Is it safe to visit a foreign country?

What do I do, once I'm there?
Country Guide - Tell me more about where I'm going.

Las Vegas
Shows that are playing while you are there
Buy Ticket to Las Vegas Shows

Hard to Find Tickets
Sporting Events, Plays in London, New York etc.

I just need to know!!
Weather - Get this weeks forecast and find past historical temperatures to your vacation destination



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