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Legal Requirements fo Mexico Weddings

Legal Requirements fo Mexico Weddings

Cost and Discounts

Some of the resorts in Mexico offer Free Weddings, or free Weddings based on a minimum number of rooms for the wedding party.  If the Weddings are not being offered free, at your choice of beach resorts, the normal wedding cost start at about $800.00 complete.  The prices for the wedding go up from there, depending on the size of the wedding, and what you want to add - flowers, photos, videos, live music etc.

Depending on the cost of the Honeymoon Package, many times, it works out less expensive overall, to pay for the wedding package, than to pay more for your hotel room and get a free wedding.  We will help you to compare the overall cost.

Free and Standard Packages normally include:   Wedding gazebo, beach location or garden location for the ceremony.

• All document arrangements
• Justice of the peace
• Marriage Certificate
• White folding chairs
• Champagne for guests during the ceremony
• Dinner reservations for the wedding party
• Candlelight Dinner for the Bride and Groom
• Fruit basket and bottle of sparkling wine in room
• CD Player or tape player available (Bring your special songs)
• Red carpeted walkway
• Wedding coordinator
• Witnesses if required

The Vacation Superstore/ also offers the Bride & Groom special discounts for their wedding party and wedding guest.  Based on the number of attendees, we will discount the attendees travel package, or give the Bride & Groom a $50.00 discount on their wedding package, for each and every couple that is booked for the wedding.  Minimum 5 night stay is required.


Legal Requirements

We will walk you through this easy process of getting married step by step, in Mexico.  At first it seems like a lot of paperwork and effort, but it's really quiet easy.

Once we've agreed on the right resort, you will be assigned a Wedding Planner at the resort, and they take care of 99% of the planning and paperwork.

In Mexico, only Civil Ceremonies are legally recognized, religious ceremonies are not legally binding, so the below information is for Civil Ceremonies.

Here is a step by step list of what's required to be legally married in Mexico.

  • First, bride, groom and all witnesses, need to be in Mexico at the resort, at least 3 business days before the wedding. (a couple of resorts require 4 days, so once we select the resort, we can let you know)  Day of arrival, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays do not count. 4 witnesses are required, if you don't bring the witnesses or only bring two, the resort will provide them at no charge.
  • Birth Certificate (Original and Apostilled), you probably already have a original birth certificate, but you will also need a Apostilled one in Cancun/Riviera Maya.  The Apostilled birth certificate is NOT needed for marriages in Puerto Vallarta, just in Cancun/Riviera Maya.  An Apostille is nothing more than a state seal confirming that the notary who signed your documents is legitimate and licensed.  These are very, very easy to get.  It will cost you $10.00 each in Nebraska and you send your birth certificates to the Nebraska Secretary of State, PO Box 95104, Suite 1301, Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2558 (call them to get complete info.). If you are not from Nebraska, typically, the Superior Court Clerk's Office in your state is the one which handles attaching apostille to the birth certificate. Link to other states for Apostilled.
  • Blood test need to be done while in Mexico.  The resort arranges this for you and they send someone to your room. If divorced less than one year, a mandatory pregnancy test must be taken. If test is positive, wedding cannot be performed. Many of the wedding packages automatically included this as part of the package, others do not - if they are not included, cost is about $50.00 each.
  • Valid Passports are required.  You also need your tourist cards.  Tourist Cards are issued automatically to you, when you go though Mexican customs at the airport. No charge.
  • A few of the resorts, require the birth certificates, Apostilled documents etc. to be translated in Spanish.  If they need this, they do it at the resort for you, standard charge is about $40.00 - you don't need to this before arrival.
  • Divorced? - If previously married, a copy of the Divorce Decree is required.  In Cancun and Riviera Maya, it also must be Apostilled. (you get this done at the same place as the birth certificate above).  All documents must present the same names or have a legal document that states that the name has been changed.  If divorced more than once, please bring each divorce decree (with the Apostille document if required).  A full year must elapse from date of divorce’s final dissolution from the previous spouse in order to perform civil ceremony.
  • Legal documentation of adoption or name change, must be presented (If applicable)

The Wedding Planner that will be assigned to your wedding, will walk through all of the above requirements, but as you can see, they are very easy.

Now that isn't so hard is it??
Our agents are also here to help you through
 everything you need, to get married in Mexico!


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