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Hawaii (Big Island)

Hawaii (the Big Island)


Hawaii, often called "the Big Island," is the largest and youngest island in the Hawaiian chain.

All the Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic action, but only on Hawaii's Big Island are those volcanoes still active. Visitors shouldn't miss watching the fiery eruptions that continue to shape the youngest land on Earth. Such sheer rawness might make the island seem an unlikely tourist destination, but it also offers everything you could want from a tropical vacation - dependable sunshine, sandy beaches, warm turquoise fish-filled waters, swaying coconut palms and pristine rainforest.

Hawaii's Big Island remains remarkably stress-free and totally unique among the Hawaiian Islands. It doesn't have skyscrapers or large-scale strip development projects, but there are luxurious resorts in Waikoloa and terrific values to be found in the Kona area.

The entire island has the population of a medium-sized town, with 145,000 people. There's plenty of opportunity to be active - hiking in the state and national parks, deep-sea fishing off the Kona coast, golfing in the Kohala resorts or snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay - but most visitors are content to while away their days meandering between beach and brunch.

As befits the birthplace of King Kamehameha, the first man to rule all the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii's Big Island maintains strong links with its Polynesian past. Only just over two centuries have passed since the isolation of its original inhabitants came to an end. Today, many of their places of worship, petroglyphs and abandoned villages of old are scattered throughout the island. Otherwise, though many of its smaller towns have an appealing air of the nineteenth-century West about them, with their false-front stores and wooden boardwalks, few historical attractions are likely to lure you away from the beaches. Any time you can spare to go sightseeing is better spent exploring the waterfalls, valleys and especially the volcanoes, that were so entwined with the lives of the ancient Hawaiians.

Come visit. You'll see sights like nowhere else on Earth and make memories that will last a lifetime.



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